Solution for low conversion and low volume PPC accounts

Does your PPC account suffer from low conversion rates for broad match terms & low volume for exact match terms? Don’t throw in the towel.

Modified Broad Terms are often the answer. In a nutshell, this under-utilized search term allows you to add “modifiers” (or plus signs as shown in the subhead) to keywords you want to be important. By adding a + before one of the broad match keywords in your string of keywords, you tell the search engines that any keyword with a + before it must be included in the search query. For example, if you sell white shoes, and you have the keyword white shoes as broad match in your account, any search query with ‘white’ or ‘shoes’ in it (or variations of either word) could trigger your ad.

For more information on how to make the ‘+’ sign your best friend, see

or Bing’s link

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