Our successes

We have over 30 years of experience in the effective use of postal mail to build business. Whether you need to acquire ‘new blood’ … to renew, cross-sell or upsell existing customers or donors … or to strengthen bonds or loyalty, we have the know-how and expertise to do it right, on time and on budget.

Some recent successes are:

• an active PPC ad campaign for a men’s Catholic order produces a monthly stream of income exceeding $100,000 annually!

• annual All Souls mail campaigns deliver 200%+ ROIs for two Catholic men’s orders. Two key elements are 1) opportune timing of the mailings and 2) their inexpensive formats!

• new PPC campaign for Catholic devotional goods triples # of orders and income with a daily budget of less than $2!

• new email support campaign for men’s order raised sales of new mass cards by 15% over prior year.

Let us show you how we can translate these experiences into successful outcomes for your organization!

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